The Lehigh Valley Tempest will be women’s premier soccer team playing in the Women’s Premier Soccer League (WPSL). The WPSL complies with all NCAA rules, keeping women’s players eligible for their college soccer seasons, while playing in an arena that will assist them to play professionally after college.

The Lehigh Valley Tempest will continue the tradition of giving back, and investing in youth players in our community. Our home games will be opportunities for the Tempest to hold clinics for local youth clubs and organizations, which will encourage youth players to continue with the sport and build the Tempest fan base. 

The Lehigh Valley Tempest is committed to furthering the opportunities of local female athletes.  We aim to inspire the youth female athletic population and to serve as role models to young women who love the sport of soccer.

Quick Facts

  • Lehigh Valley Tempest Women’s Soccer Tempest est. 2017
  • The mission of the WPSL is to bring affordable and quality family entertainment to the community; display positive role models for our youth; while being a stepping stone for aspiring professional and international level players.
  • The plan of the club membership will be 20 local female players on our WPSL team roster. We will also provide direct service to approximately 200 youth players and children who will participate in clinics. We will also reach a spectator population of approximately 2,000 people over the course of the season. We will also house a reserve team of 20 young players interested in developing in our program in hopes of playing in the WPSL in the future.
  • The purpose of the Lehigh Valley Tempest is to provide our players with a program that will maintain and development their skill level in the summer months between collegiate seasons, and prepare players who intend to play professionally a league connection to the National Women’s Soccer League.
  • The Lehigh Valley Tempest goals are to develop-
    • Each player’s physical and mental skills and abilities at the highest level
    • Each individual’s character skills
    • Each player’s desire to re-invest their time into their community and to inspire passion in the next generation of players in our area

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